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Feel free to repost, use as wallpapers, fanfic covers, or whatever you want. I like it when people enjoy my work. Please link this site where applicable.

If you contact me looking for drawing critiques or tips I will be happy to help. I love to talk about art.

All artwork on this site is AI-protected using Glaze. Get it here.


  • What brushes do you use?

Download them for free here. For traditional inks, I use Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pens with a custom blend of ink and water.

  • What program do you use?

Adobe Photoshop CC. If you’re looking for a cheaper drawing program, I started my journey with ArtRage Lite. I also currently play with Rebelle, though not for any professional work.

  • What tablet do you use?

Right now I use a Huion Inspiroy Dial Q620M, but have removed the dial. I previously used Wacom Bamboo tablets. I have also used screen tablets, but my personal preference is to have a monitor and keyboard instead.

  • How can I learn to paint?

I learned almost exclusively from Schoolism, specifically Sam Nielson’s “Fundamentals of Lighting” and Jason Seiler’s “The Art of Caricature.” Schoolism is well worth the monthly investment.


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